Why you must own

Why consumers must own clean energy equipment.

When working with a member of ACA Solar Sales Team each team member must understand & learn about solar and what other components helps conserve solar energy collected daily.

A well calculated solar system can zero out any utility bill if calculated correctly that’s ACA job. Please have a current utility bill available for our team to review for us to offer a life time utility of savings to your location.


  • Owning Solar equipment means energy collected is yours the consumer for cost of equipment.  A solar panels job is to collect free energy from the sun for its owner kilowatts are free a gift from the sun to its owner. If anyone offers a kilowatt hour charge you are paying twice for solar system.
  • Current tax credit is owner of solar equipment & any future benefits offered from State or Federal government are the owners of solar equipment.
  • When purchased and consumer owns equipment at any time customer chooses to go off power grid this owner can since equipment is owned by individual who owns location where equipment is placed.
  • Options on other clean energy components to help solar energy consumers maximize energy collected to benefit there location in LED light bulbs. Solar lighting, Energy efficient pumps etc.
  • ACA has installed solar projects on CBS Studio’s, Home Depo Corporate offices, and many local homes and businesses here in Southern California.
  • ACA handles complete solar panels, installation, engineered drawings, city permit paid, 6” flat roof racking, inverter with monitoring we even handle all forms needed for locations net metering account with utility company.
  • ACA you will be educated before you purchase solar equipment.  ACA does not HANDLE LEASE PROGRAMS but we have many financing options all with zero down you own
  • You have any questions please feel free to contact your ACA Sales Representative here to educate you first before you sign a purchase agreement on owning your solar system.
  • ACA turnkey installations with our own certified installers.
  • You have any questions we are here to help. We try very hard to keep solar as simple as possible and each project is a purchase.


ACA Solar & ezsolar.shop as affiliated with each other.
Here you never pay a kilowatt hour charge.
With jmsolar@yahoo.com & ezsolar.shop we want you educated on solar then we discuss a purchase.  You own equipment you own energy at cost of equipment.