Self-Standing Independent Solar lighting started back is 2000 when there was no one interested in solar my idea was if International Space Center operates utility free why cant I. So I made a self-standing Independent Solar light using solar panels & 12- 24-volt DC light bulb guess what its worked very well since then for one’s that know about me gets utility free lighting. The Suns resources are endless when collecting energy beyond belief in today’s world even water well pumps. Technology of today offers good premium products that operates 365 day of collecting energy & 365 nights of using this free energy collected.

A made in USA solar light & even a made in USA LED light bulb in DC operating power produced in  Corona, CA in what wattage & how many you need.
This idea connected me to Solar panel manufactures & LED bulb manufactures also so many more clean energy products. I will say if you know me then I educated you first that’s important to me.  A south facing solar panel offers best energy collection.