Sun & solar works you must learn the facts.

Over the years of me being at Best Lumber & Hardware in  Yucaipa, CA & True Value Hardware in Fontana, CA plus few other locations.

I have met thousands there I have learned that many consumers have no idea on function of a solar panel & needed to be educated on this matter.  There has been a lot of miss leading information given to consumers about fees to every  kilowatt collected. This kilowatt fee is highway robbery to ones who know nothing about solar and that sales team mislead many for a fee on one should  NEVER paid this fee ever.

My wife is in Real Estate there are homes that signed a solar lease on equipment & a agreement to pay .17 cent on every kilowatt collected this turns solar package into a over prices solar system and homes equity must buy out this agreement so NEVER assume another homes lease. This is a reality of today. This is one of many reasons for is here I am sick of bad story’s on bad solar package. Knowledge is very important first before a purchase. With affordable solar this cost can be saves 2-3 times the cost that’s real money saves. Solar is a no brainier just understand solar panels function first and some due diligence to save huge amounts-sums of money over the years.

Very important you purchase solar equipment at affordable cost to you homeowner or commercial user that name on sales agreement own’s everything that’s our policy.