ezsolar & ACA Solar are both affiliated with one another.  A very well educated team with knowledge beyond the many avenues of clean energy collection.  We are here to educate you first.  We consider educating the consumer & understand what affordable solar really offers home & family.  You will NEVER pay a kilowatt hour charge.  With us you own the solar equipment and the owner collects kilowatts when solar equipment is purchased.  We try to keep solar simple for all consumers and our knowledge is free.  Solar offers many choices in energy collection that offers years of long term savings & energy collection for yourself & family. Due diligence first  learn about collecting your own energy at cost of affordable equipment with us. In every case our solar design removes Time Of Use, homes monthly usage and home ends up with extra energy credits so those hot summer night’s is when that extra energy credits are used. We have a proven track record with customers to prove this.